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We are Christian Soldiers site is for those of you that are in the trenches in the battle for the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus (Yeshua). “The Weapon” was given to us after losing many spiritual battles.  It was a very dark time but Yahweh came through and gave us this prayer.  Use it with authority and pass this on to all those in need of a spiritual victory.


Join with us in this endeavor to cast into the bottomless pit all the demonic forces meant to join Abaddon, the angel of the bottomless pit, were they will stay until Revelation 9:1-11 is fulfilled.  The first of three woe's.




And Jesus (Yeshua) came and spoke to them, saying, "All authority is given to Me in Heaven and in earth. Therefore go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things, whatever I commanded you. And, behold, I am with you all the days until the end of the world. Amen." Matthew 28:18-20


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Why does God allow suffering and evil - September 30, 2016

Why does God allow suffering and evil?

Written By: Tom Valdez

September 30, 2016

In our world people are taught that it is Gods fault for all the human suffering that we see all around us.  They say that God is not a just God.  If He was a just God then he wouldn't allow the evil and suffering.  They then turn away from the One that they should be turning to.  The people then judge God and His Son Jesus.  They turn from His teachings and live their lives with a false understanding of how this world works.  Or the part they themselves play in what happens in the world they live in.

This world is ruled by the sons of darkness.  Ever since Adam and Eve fell from grace the earth was been the dominion of Satan.  In the beginning Satan rebelled against God and a third of the angels followed.

Jesus knew before he created what would happen.  His creation would always fall into the hands of the rebellion and be destroyed.  The suffering and carnage would overcome the goodness of His creation.

That is why He had to come in person, live a perfect life, freely give up His life to pay the price for His creation.  Only in this way could he redeem the souls he was trying to add to His Father's kingdom.

Jesus came into this world to teach by example the word of God to the called and chosen of His kingdom.  He freely gave His life for us so that we could live for eternity with Him and His Father.

This life is but a test of our soul.  We are given the chance to follow His example and do His Father's work or to reject Him.  Some call it free will but I chose to call it the destiny of the Alpha and the Omega and His creation.  We are all created either to glorify God or for destruction. 

Gods potter's wheel has generated all the souls that exist and will exist before Jesus comes again.  They will be made to the glory of God and an example for His Kingdom.  Or they will be created for destruction and as a stumbling block to His people throughout time.  That's his plan. 

Those that were created to glorify Jesus and His Father will shine for eternity in His Kingdom.  They will rule over angles and sit with Him on His throne for eternity.  The chosen of God will shine as a beacon on a hill always on display in His Kingdom and throughout the earth. 

All darkness will have fled away for 1000 years until God tempts the people of Gog and Magog one more time.  Satan will be release form the Abyss for a short time and then Satan will be cast into the Lake of Fire with the beast and the false prophet.

Then God will bring down his city, the new Jerusalem, His beloved city. God will dwell with His creation, man.  Grace will have prevailed over the souls of man.  The creation was saved by His coming into this world 2000 years ago.  It is by grace that we will survive this test.  We will soon dwell in the presence of Jesus himself.  The wedding feast is near. 

We make choices each and every day.  We either serve Jesus or we serve Satan.  There is nothing in between.  We either serve the Creator or the creation.  We either serve our Father God and His Son or we serve ourselves and are of the world, Satan's world.

Each day we chose our path and destiny.  Our path leads us into the light of His kingdom or into darkness of this world.

When Satan fell his justification was that he should be God.  That the only reason that God was worshiped was because there was no free will.  All created being to that point had no free will.  Each were created for a purpose and a job.  They were called the Son's of God.  To us they would be angelic beings because they have eternal bodies.

Satan was created first and his job was special.  He was the overseer of Jesus' creation.  Thus when Jesus gave a command he was the one to carry it out.  Satan was in charge of the creation.  Because of this power his selfishness it lead him to desire more power and to be worshiped as God himself. 

So then he confronted God and said that if there was free will then no one would worship You but they worship me, Satan.  With this rebellion a third of the eternal beings that had been created fell and followed Satan.

God's response was to first give them the opportunity to turn from their rebellion and return to serving the one and true God.

God then said that He would create new beings that would have free will and that they would replace those that had rebelled with the Satan and were cast out of the Kingdom.  Jesus would created them with mortal bodies but eternal souls.  When each would die then their souls would either go to paradise or to Hades and to torment.  Just as described in Luke 16:23

God would set things straight and prove that this new creation would worship Him on their own free will.  So the test and the challenge began.

The creation was done by His Son Jesus.  All things were created by Jesus and through Him all thing were created.  God the Father and His son Jesus knew before They started to create that "Satan" (or the first created being) would go into perdition and completely corrupt the creation so that it wouldn't bear the fruit of souls for His eternal Kingdom.

They had agreed that before Jesus was allowed to create this world of His and all that was to be in it, Jesus would have to come and live a sinless life in the creation and then freely give up his life to save the creation.  Jesus would be the perfect sacrifice to pay the price for the sins of fallen man.  Satan was always to be the cause of the fall of man. 

The suffering would be a byproduct of the creation itself.  There was no way to get around it.  The goal was to create new souls that could live out eternity with Jesus and His Father with the least amount of suffering as Godly possible.  They would both intervene as the drama of the creation played out.  Jesus said that not one of his chosen would be lost. As the Creator, the Alpha and the Omega, He would ensure His creation and the souls that are destined to serve Him and bring glory to His Father. 

Satan was the adversary and he was destined for destruction.  Satan is trying to take as many souls with him to destruction.  It is his destiny and the others that have believed his lie from the beginning.


That is when God's potter's wheel took off.  Each soul comes from His wheel just like a clay pot.  He makes some for glory and others for destruction.  15 billion souls later and we stand at a cross road in time. 

Adam was created as the test to prove that God would be worshiped because of His goodness and right justness and not because they were forced to but because of our love for Him.  Adam was then given a help mate named Eve.  They were placed in the "Garden of Eden".  The garden contain all the food that they needed to live a healthy long life.  One tree provided a fruit that would allow them to live forever, the tree of life.  Each tree or plant was designed to keep their mortal bodies healthy and strong so their bodies would not wear out.

Jesus created a tree with fruit that would give Adam and Eve the knowledge of good and evil.  They started out innocent as children.  This fruit when eaten would open up there soul to the difference between good and evil.

This was done on purpose to set the stage that would play out over time to be used as the starting point of the fall of Satan and his sons of darkness.  The sons of darkness were to be excluded from the Kingdom that Jesus was creating.

Satan had to ensure that Adam and Eve fell from grace to prove God was a liar.  His followers are counting on their victory over the son's of light.  Satan has used his Babylonian money system and the false religion of Nimrod and Semiramis to enslave the souls of man.  Satan's initiates and followers have controlled this world and it's governments from the beginning. 

So he came up with the first lie.  He told Eve that God had lied to them about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Satan told Eve that if she eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil then she would become like God.  Having the desire to be like God she ate of the tree that God had told them not to eat.  She then convinced Adam to eat of the tree so he to would become like God also.  This started it all.  Once Adam and Eve had disobeyed God then they were forbidden to eat from the tree of life and were cast out of the garden.

The lie that Satan told Adam and Eve was just the start.  Satan tried everything in his power to lead the descendants of Adam and Eve away for God.  Satan even had his fallen angels mate with the daughters of men.  These unions created what the bible calls Nehalem.  They were a hybrid that had angelic souls but mortal bodies.

Because of this act God wiped out the creation and started again with Noah and his three sons.  But Satan continued to interfere with the creation after the flood.  From Ham and his descendants Satan created a false religion through Nimrod and Semiramis.  Tammuz was to be their son and impersonate the coming of Jesus.  Satan didn't know when Jesus would appear but he prepared for His coming.  Satan's plan was to muddy the waters of the practice of religion and through that act he would deceive all of humanity.

Satan's hand is all over our world.  All that you see in our world today is controlled by and for Satan.  No Politian or ruler rises to power in this world without first giving his soul to Satan first.  Any threat to his power is met with attacks from all of his minions.  But once they have submitted to him and his dominion then they will rise to power and riches.  But they will surly lose their souls for bowing down to Satan and his control.

Satan and his minions gain power by the suffering and the dyeing of man.  Satan's fallen angelic beings and the Nephillim can and do possess man and woman.  Through that demonic possession Satan uses them for his purpose.  Satan's demonic minions have lived in and through many generations of fallen men.  Their plan has been in place for 6 millenniums'.  We are living in a time of Satan's end on this earth.

Satan and his minions have planned to merge with machines and live out eternity existing in artificial intelligence (AI) computers.  Their plan is the mass extermination of 80% of the current population.  They call us useless eaters.  We are to be replaced with machines.  Those that are left will serve, generation after generation, the AI computer gods.

Satan believes that he would have corrupted a majority of the souls currently alive.  80% of 7 billion (those of us that are wake remember that the world population was at 9 billion before the Mandela Effect.  See my post on the Mandela Effect) is 5.6 billion souls that will be killed off.  Of those 5 billion probably don't have a personal relationship with Jesus.  That will be a lot of lost souls.

God the Father will bring the test to a end for the sake of the elect of God.  When the wrath of God is poured out on the world 1/3 will be wiped out in the plagues that are coming to this world.  So God plans to wipe out 2.3 billion when he comes back.  Along with all of the kings, rulers and generals of the earth.

Jesus creation will live on in those vessels that were created from the beginning for the glory of God His Father.  You know his follower because they will be called the sons of God.  They will live by the teachings of Jesus and will be doing the works of His Father.  They will be as the fruit of the spirit. Their lives will be filled with Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering (Patience), Kindness (Gentleness), Goodness, Faithfulness, Meekness (restraining one's power) and Self-Control (Temperance).

I tell you fellow servants if you turn and follow Jesus you will see him at every turn of your life.  The spirit will walk with you all the days of your life.  Jesus will give you opportunity to help other as you follow Him.  If you love your neighbor as you love yourself and love your God with all your heart and soul you will become servants of the living God, Jesus.  With that comes hardships and testing.  But for those that have overcome this world just as He overcame this world, Jesus will give you everlasting life.  You will be able to rest in his Kingdom.

Until Jesus comes back it is our job to be His servant.  Doing in this world what He did when He was  alive, the work of His Father.

Luke 9:1-2 said "And He called His twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases. And He sent them to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.

But turn from him and you are condemned for eternity.  The unpardonable sins if to blasphemy the Spirit of God.  For this act would stifle the spirit of God in the midst of the people.

Speak only truth both spiritually and worldly.  Shine your light were ever you go.  Don't be afraid to proclaim Jesus and His teaches of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, goodness, Faithfulness, Meekness and Self-Control to all that you touch each and every day.

Be bold in who you are in our Lord Jesus.  He will stand with you through it all.  Jesus will give you victory in all that you do for him.  If you put Him and His father first in your life, Jesus has promised to never for sake you.  Jesus will send His spirit to walk with you all the days of your life.  If need be Jesus will intervene and help you directly.  He love each and every one of those that are His.

Our condition is the reason for all the suffering.  We are fallen and can only be redeemed by our accepting Jesus and His grace.  Jesus already paid the price for our souls all we have to do is take up our cross and follow him.

The world hates you because they hated Him.  We are not of this world but we are to be His light to this world.   Because this world is ruled by the prince of the power of the air, Satan.  We represent Jesus and His works.  Just as He had a job to do so do we. 

We serve the living God by our words and actions.  Pray but then act.  faith is a action word.  You are to hang your body on Jesus every word.  Dam the circumstances and the world and do the work of His Father.  We have the 4 gospels as the example.  We just need to learn the word and keep it in our heart and soul.  Then act upon Jesus' word and deeds.


Your servant in God the Father and His Son Jesus

Tom Valdez


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