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We are Christian Soldiers site is for those of you that are in the trenches in the battle for the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus (Yeshua). “The Weapon” was given to us after losing many spiritual battles.  It was a very dark time but Yahweh came through and gave us this prayer.  Use it with authority and pass this on to all those in need of a spiritual victory.


Join with us in this endeavor to cast into the bottomless pit all the demonic forces meant to join Abaddon, the angel of the bottomless pit, were they will stay until Revelation 9:1-11 is fulfilled.  The first of three woe's.




And Jesus (Yeshua) came and spoke to them, saying, "All authority is given to Me in Heaven and in earth. Therefore go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things, whatever I commanded you. And, behold, I am with you all the days until the end of the world. Amen." Matthew 28:18-20


"And He called His twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases. And He sent them to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. Luke 9:1-2

"These signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new languages;" Mark 16:17

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The events surrounding the creation of this site.  April 20-21, 2009

On April 20, 2009

Son - I was coming up from the basement with oatmeal and I saw a man with a black robe on in front of the garage door. I ignored him and walked into the kitchen. He then followed me. I said go away you do not belong here. So he left and I followed him. When I did I saw him standing in this portal in front of my parent’s bedroom showing a battle of men dying and a plague. I then ran and called my dad. When he answered he said a prayer and told me to go check if they were still there. When looked I saw men in black trashing my parent’s bedroom saying my dads name over and over yelling and screeching.


Tom - I received a call from my son, and he told me about the man that was in the hall way, I asked him what he was doing and he told me.  I said the prayer to cast him into the bottomless pit.  I told him to go back to the hall from the kitchen and tell if he was still there, and he was.  He told me about the portal that was in front of my bedroom door.  That he could see people dying in a field.  He walked back into the kitchen and I said the prayer again.  I told him to go back into the hall and tell me what was happening, he told me that he saw a lot of men in black tearing my room apart and calling out my name.  He asked me if I could hear what they were saying but I could not.  I told him I would be home as soon as I could.


      I said another prayer out loud in my car and called right back, my wife answered and told me she had just come home, my son asked if she could see the room all destroyed but she could not.  When I got home I talked to my son.  I told him that the demons were very mad about the website and that was why they were destroying my room.  I told him he has to try and not be afraid when he is able to see these things so he can tell me everything he sees.  I told my son that when he sees demonic beings to ask them if they knew who the Lord was and to ask them if they knew who he was.


April 21, 2009 9:30pm

Son - Before my dad came up I was just coming out of my bathroom listening to K-Love and I looked into the guest bedroom. What I saw was a demon saying “You don’t believe in what you are singing.” I asked him saying “Do you know who the Lord is?  Do you know who I am”? I got back no answer. I walked into my bedroom and called my house from my phone to the second line to get my dad.


When dad came up the first time:


Son - After I called my dad he came up stairs, we went into the guest bedroom and said a prayer for the demons to get bound and put in the bottomless pit.


Tom - I answered the phone and my son asked me to come up stairs, so I did.  My son told me what had happened, so we went into the guest bedroom.  We talked and said the prayer.  We then went back into his bedroom and I reassured him everything will be ok.  I told him to call me on the phone again if he needed me again.


Son - Now my dad went back downstairs saying call me if you need me again. I pulled my blanket up and closed my eyes. When I opened them again I was in another world. The walls around me were made with big rocks, they were covered with dust.  I saw hundreds of demons around me telling me that they were going to kill me and the so called Lord doesn’t exist, Satan is the powerfulness. I fought back saying a quote from the bible that I shall sleep sweetly and the Lord shall protect me. Then they said "well you don’t know where that is in the bible I bet you don’t know." As I looked down there was a piece of paper saying the verse I just quoted. There were three verses on the paper, so I picked it up and read it out loud.


Psalm 4:8

I will both lie down in peace;

And sleep,

For you alone,

O Lord,

Make me dwell in safety.


Proverbs 3:24-26

When you lie down,

You will not be afraid;


You will lie down and you sleep will be sweet.

Do not be afraid of sudden terror,

Nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes;

For the Lord will be your confidence,

And will keep your foot from being caught.


Psalm 5 11-12

But let all those rejoice

Who put their trust in You.

Let them ever shout for joy

Because you defend them

For you o Lord will bless the righteous.

With favor you will surround him with a shield. 


Then the demons said you do not know his real name. Then again I looked down and saw this poster with names of the Lord on it and I began to read it out loud to them saying:



Advocate - Lamb of God - The Resurrection & The Life - Shepherd & Bishop of Souls -  Judge-Lord of Lords - Man of Sorrow – Head of the Church – Master Faithful & True Witness – Rock – High Priest – The Door – Living Water – Bread of Life – Rose of Sharon – Alpha & Omega – True Vine – Messiah – Teacher – Holy One – Mediator – The Beloved – Branch – Carpenter – Good Shepherd – Light of The World – Image of the Invisible God – The World – Chief Cornerstone – Savior – Servant – Author & Finisher of our faith – The almighty – Everlasting Father – Shiloh – Lion of Tribe of Judah – I Am – King of Kings – Prince of Peace – Bridegroom – Only begotten Son – Wonderful Counselor – Immanuel – Son of Man – Dayspring – The Amen – King of Jews – Prophet – Redeemer – Anchor – Bright Morning Star – The Way , The Truth & The Life




When dad came up the second time:


Son - As I was near the end of the reading the names of Jesus out loud my dad walked in hearing me from downstairs. When I saw him I got out of the trance and the demons were gone. He stood next to me and I finished reading it. I then told him about what they had said to me and how scared I was. He then said we need a bigger prayer for tonight. So we said a prayer asking for the Lord to send as many angels as it takes to defeat demons in this war and to end it tonight.  After he was done he said call me if you need me I will be up.  He left the light in my hall way on for me.



Tom – I was in the kitchen to get something to drink when I heard my son reading very load from the poster of the names of Jesus, I went up stairs, and stood by my son as he finished reading the poster.  When he was done he told me what had just happened.  We looked at the paper with the verses from Psalms, the first two where written by my daughter-in-law and the last verse was written by my son.  The poster had been on the wall but was taken down some time before.  But both were there on the floor for him to use to defend himself.  He was very scared; they had told him that they were going to kill him tonight.  I told him that the Lord has always protected me, mom, his brother and him.  That the Lord would not let them kill him. 


(About 4 weeks early my son was sick with the flu, he was on the couch sleeping, I asked him to move to the other couch so we all could sit down and he did so without saying anything.  We all sat down, my wife, eldest son and his wife.  My son was laying there with the blanket covering his head and I saw him twitch.  So I kept looking at him, then I saw him twitch again, I told my wife to go check on him.  As she walked over to uncover him, I got up and walked over to him also.  When she uncovered him we could see that he was not breathing.  So I took hold of his arm and stood him up.  I told him we need to get you into the shower to cool you off.  He then started breathing and opened his eyes.  I walked him to my bedroom to the shower; he told me he was very scared.  I got him in the shower and he told me what had happened.  He told me that he was surrounded my 4 or 5 demons and they told him he was going to die. That no one loved him or would save you.  They were chocking him and dragging him down a tunnel to a bright light, and then I woke him.  I said a prayer and then “The Prayer”, to cast the demons into the bottomless pit.  I sat with him after he got out of the shower and reassured him that he was going to be ok.  He was very scared because he had come so close to dying on the couch.)


I told him we needed a better prayer.  So I prayed to the Lord for protection and to have the angels of God come and protect my son.  I also said “The Prayer” again to bind the demons and cast them into the bottomless pit.  After the prayer I told him that the Lord would not let anything happen to him and that he would protect him.  We talked about the piece of paper and the poster.  We pined the post back on the wall were it used to be and also the paper with the Psalms verses.  I told him to go to sleep and if he needed me to call me on the phone again. 


When Jesus walked with me and showed me:


Son - As I was lying in bed I closed my eyes and I had an over view of the house. It was like there was no roof and I could see my room. What I saw was Jesus sitting next to me, He had his hand on me shoulder saying "It’s going to be alright." At that point I heard something in my ear like somebody was in my room, but I couldn’t see them.  Satan said to me "Here is one of my demons,"  I then said “No, Lord show him that it is a warrior here to protect me.” As I asked Jesus said “Yes, for as you can see it is a warrior.”  The Lord was showing Satan that he was wrong. After that I sat up and started to walk with Jesus. He had his hand over my shoulder.  Jesus said “I shall show you now all the warriors that I sent to defend your family tonight” and so he did. As we were at the entrance of my room there were two angels in front of my bedroom, bathroom and the second bedroom. When we passed the entrance of the guest bedroom he showed me it, what I saw were Angels in front of the window and the room filled with about 20 angels.  We than started to go down stairs and I got a quick glimpse of two angels in front of the window ready for battle. We were walking down the stairs and he pointed with his hand showing me the family room with angels in front of the 4 windows. We then walked to the backdoor and I saw angels flooding the backyard, I saw demons trying to jump over the fence but the angels pushed them back and kept them out. We then walked through the kitchen and I saw 2 angels in front of each window. We walked into the hallway and I saw 2 angels patrolling, going from the shoe rack to the kitchen to garage door and then to my parent’s bedroom.  2 angels in front of the basement door, 2 in front of parents bedroom door and 2 in front of the garage door. We then walked into my parents bedroom, over to my mom and sat down. Jesus told me that “Your mother will be ok tonight” patting her on the back. Going back out we went into the living room and I saw my dad praying. We stood above him and he couldn’t see me but the Lord said “Your father will be fine; the site he is building will be finished”. After that the Lord walked with me back up stairs and stood between my door and the bathroom door and said “Your time will come soon, you will not have to battle much more for you have done good, these warriors you see will stay with you until I come”. He left. I woke up and jumped out of bed running down stairs to my father telling him the war is over and we had won.



Tom - I went down stairs to tell my wife what had just happened to our son.  I told her that I was going to go into the front room to talk and pray to the Lord to help our son.  I then walked into the front room.  I started with the Lord’s Prayer, and then I said:


 “Father as I stand before the Throne of God, I give glory to the Father and Your Son Jesus.  I am thankful that You have answered my prayers, and for the great victory that You have provided this night.  In the name of the Lord Jesus and by the power of the Spirit of God, send the army of God, the Warrior Angels, to come and fight for us tonight.  We stand shoulder to shoulder in the battle against the satanic forces.  The Lord Jesus has given to us a great victory.  This battle must end tonight and not continue, for we shall be victorious.  Bind the demons that have come to fight this night, bind then, gag them and blind fold them and cast them in the bottomless pit.  1,000, 10,000 100,000, if be 1 million, Satan send your demons, but you shall lose them all, it is up to you how many you lose tonight.  Glory and honor to the Lord Jesus for this great victory.  This ends tonight and will not continue past tonight, victory is ours.  The battle will only last 5 more minutes.   Line up the demons before me and march them one by one into the bottomless pit.  Satan it is up to you how many you lose tonight, you have lost, the Lord Jesus has given us this great victory, the Angels of God will be victorious this night.”


 I then got on my knee and prayed:


 “O Lord Jesus I thank You for all that You have done for my son this night and the great victory over Satan.  I know that You will protect my son and not let him die tonight.  I know that if need be You will personally come this night to protect my son, and will never let them kill him.  2 more minutes and the battle will be over.  I know that You have always been there for us and have never let us down....” 


Just then I heard my son call out “The battle is over, it is over, it has ended.”  I got to my feet and went to him.  He had come down stairs happy and gave me a hug.  He told me that the Lord Jesus had come to him and told him he would be ok.  He told me his story, what had happened to him upstairs.  I felt him and he was very hot to touch but did not have fever, so I took him up stairs to take a shower to cool off.  We talked and he told me the details about what he saw and what the Lord said to him.  We said a short prayer thanking the Lord and angels for all that they had done.  My son was so excited and so was I.  This is the great reassurance for both of us that the Lord answered my prayers and came to my home.  He stood with my son, comforted him and showed him the soldiers of the Lord that were with us that night and the promise that they will be with us until the Lord returns again.  He was not afraid anymore and it truly was a blessing.  I told him that I still needed to finish the website and that I would do so.  He went to bed and I went down stairs to tell my wife, but she had gone to sleep.


 So I went back into the front room, got back on my knee and thanked the Lord Jesus for the great victory and for all that he had done this night for both my son and I.



All Glory and Honor is to the Lord Jesus, For Ever, Amen.